Partille Cup & Dronninglund Cup Handball Championship 2019


30th June to 15th July 2019


Partille Cup (SWEDEN)

The Partille Cup is a youth association Handball tournament held annually in Gothenburg, Sweden. The tournament is held for various age groups for both boys and girls from the age 12 to 19. Considering the sheer amount of number of participants it is easily recognized as the world’s biggest and most successful youth Handball tournament. Successful since its incepTIon in 1975, it has witnessed the participation of 80 countries, 40,000 players and 1600 teams. Spanning one week in July each year, it is the most dominant event in Gothenburg. Welcome All!

Dronninglund Cup (DENMARK)

The Dronninglund Cup, one of the world’s largest youth Handball tournaments, takes place every year in Denmark. Held since 1982, its inaugural year saw some 200 plus team participation from all over the world. 2016 saw some 1087 teams from all over the world participating in it. The 2019 tournament will mark its 35th year since its inception. Dronninglund Cup is Denmark’s largest sporting event with most of the international youth Handball teams participating. 90% foreign teams participate every year with year 2019 promising to be even grander.



Visiting Two Countries – Sweden & Denmark.
No. of matches – Min. 14 Matches (league cum knock out basis)
Fields – Artificial grass fields & Grass Turf ground
Certificates – Two different participant certificates
Tour Expenditure – Rs.1,35,000/- + GST which includes the below listings

• All Transportation & Airport Taxes
• Mumbai to Sweden & return journey – By Air
• Pick up & drop from Airport – By Volvo Bus (Sweden and Denmark)
• Sweden to Denmark – By Cruise (Stena line)
• Local Transport – By Volvo Bus, Trams
• Fees – All participation & registration fees
• Tickets – Olympic style Opening Ceremony
• Accommodation – Accommodation during event
• All Meals – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
• Insurance – Travel Insurance (US $ 50,000)
• Playing Uniforms – 2 Sets playing kit, Track suit, kit bag
• During free time, places to be visited – International Stadium, City Tour, Important Matches


Kindly note mentioned amount is subject to changes depending on Prevalent airfare and Euro rates. For ease of payments, amount can be paid either in full or in three installments.

All payments to be made in cheque in favor of ACUVER EDU CONZULT PVT.LTD


• Registration Charges Rs 50,000/-
• Balance in 2 installments 50000 + 35000
• Need valid Passport (min. Validity 6 months)
• 7 photographs with white background 35mm x 45mm, 80% face cover.
• Both parents NOC in the given format along with ID proof of parents( Passport photocopy, PAN Card, Voters Id or Driving License)
• Photocopy of Bank statement (last six months)
• 3 yrs. IT Returns
• School Bonafide Certificate


After Registration : 25% of the trip cost will be deducted
60 days prior to departure cancellation : 50% of the trip cost will be deducted
30 days prior to departure cancellation : 75% of the trip cost will be deducted
15 days prior to departure cancellation : 100% of the trip cost will be deducted

For Further details contact:

Xavier Faria : 9833341948 Between 04.00pm to 06.00pm
Arjun Gupta : 8169274218 Between 10.00am to 12.00noon
Dilip Gupta : 9967075262 Between 05.00pm to 07.00pm
Shashi : 9819596726 Between 05.00pm to 07.00pm
Krishna Pai : 9321942556 Between 12.00noon to 06.00pm.


Gothenburg: – Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and has roughly 550,000 inhabitants. The city is situated by the sea and the boasts the largest port in Scandinavia. Volvo and Ericsson are the major employers and the amusement park, Liseberg is the main tourist attraction.

Dronninglund:- Approximately 22,000 people are living in Dronninglund proper, and with this size it is perfect for a youth tournament as Dronninglund Cup. It is a nice town and it offers a large variety of shops and restaurants – which is not least to the great delight of the many parents who traditionally follow their children to Denmark. Dronninglund Cup is an intimate and familial tournament, focusing on quality, proximity, fun and community for the participants.

Weather: –In July, weather conditions may vary from between 15 to 30 degree celsius, rainy, sunny or windy. Please have that in mind while packing for the trip.

Meals: –During the Tournament there will be 3 unlimited, buffet style meals served daily – breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food that is served is adjusted to young taste. Fruit juices, bread, salad and fruit will also be served with every meal. Salad, fries, bread, fruits and juices are available for vegetarians while others have lot more options.

Accommodation: –The accommodation will be in schools, which are well equipped with showers and WCs. The rooms are clean and proper aerated and heated in case it is cold. All players will stay with their own teams only. The mattress, pillows, bed sheet with light blankets will be provided by the organizer to each participant in school.

Medical Facilities & Doctors: – Doctors are available on field as well as off the field, any pain or any things occurs, participants have to inform their concern Coaches, Mangers & Officials immediately.

Currency Exchange: –Forex has several offices around Gothenburg and Frederikshavan.

Language: – Most of the Swedish and Danish speak good English since it is the second language in SWEDEN and DENMARK.

Insurance: – All players and team officials are insured both on and off the playing field.


• Who is accompanying with my Child?

   Your Child is travelling with the team. Each team has 16 players + 2 coaches + 2 managers. The coaches and manager will be always there with your Child.


• Which type of accommodation will be provided to my Child?

   The Children will be staying in the schools, which are converted for Children into stay. The schools are well equipped with the showers and WCs. The rooms

   are cleaned and well aerated with the heating facilities in case of cold. The bedding is also provided.


• What is the Food arrangement for the Children’s?

   The food will be provided thrice in the day in the form of Breakfast, lunch & dinner.

  1. Breakfast:- Bread, Jam, Butter, Cheese, Milk, Yoghurts tin, Fruits, Eggs, Juices, Cornflakes, Tea, Coffee, French Fries etc.
  2. Lunch & Dinner:- Bread, Butter, Juices, Fruits, Noodles, Vegetables, Salads, Non-veg (Swedish meatball, lasagne, grilledchicken, chicken nuggets, fish etc)
• What if my child falls sick or gets injured?
  The event is global event and meticulously managed. There are ample of doctors and medical facilities available on the ground and near staying area. Also we are carrying

  travel insurance (US $ 50,000), which covers the medical expenses of your Child as per the term and condition of the company.

How will they travel locally within the country?
  The participant would be using the Buses and Trams to travel within the country. During the tournament each participants will get one electronic cards that enables them to 
  travel them without any tickets.
• How are they travelling from Sweden to Denmark?
   For travelling from Denmark to Sweden, we take Cruise (Stenaline). This is one of the memorable experiences of the life for the participants.
• How much money they have to carry?
  Please give the Child minimum 300 Euro.