We provide inspirational opportunities for young people within the sporting world. We aim to provide a unique experience for Schools,Clubs and Corporate that will live long in the memory. As a team we pride ourselves on quality and are meticulous in our planning and preparation to ensure that we deliver safe, enriching and enjoyable experiences which allow our sports enthusiasts to experience something much more than just a tour.


Going on an exchange program is great experience! By being an exchange student you will return back home with new knowledge, cultural compassion, wisdom and friends from new country. The Exchange program is an excellent way to get out into the world,see new things and meet new people.These experiences will always be with us and we will meet people who will forever be part of your life. The exchange program opens our eyes to other opportunities and give us the desire and courage to continue exploring the world.


Our holistic approach extends to all the destinations we choose contributing to meaningful and transformative learning. Glocal Travels have an extensive array of travel packages for the young ones comprising of field trips,day picnics, adventure trips, international tours and International Student exchange programmes. We specialize in Curriculum based tours that highlight the learning inside the classroom.